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Pearls by Lagu Bandhu

PEARLS are organic gems, primarily consisting of calcium carbonate. They are formed when an oyster deposits layers around a nucleus and as a result, a beautiful shine is produced from these layers.

Pearl types are:

  1. Basara/Venezuela Pearl: These are authentic natural sea-water Pearls, often lacking a specific

shape. They are renowned for their durability.

  1. Cultured Pearls (Mikimoto Pearl): Cultured Pearls are similar to Basara Pearls, but cultivated under controlled conditions.
  2. Fresh water Pearls: Produced in freshwater. They are known for their rice-like, flattened, or shapeless structures.
  3. Czeco, Tissue and Semi-cultured Pearls: These are Synthetic beads with “Pearl Paint” coating.

Pearl Care at Home

  1. Gently wipe your pearls with a damp cloth to remove dirt, oils, and perfume sprays.
  2. For pearls set in jewellery, you can clean it with mild soap and a worn-out brush.
  3. Avoid immersing pearls in chlorine water and refrain from wearing them while swimming, as chlorine can harm the pearls.
  4. Instead of steam cleaning or ultrasonic methods, consider having your pearl jewelry professionally cleaned to ensure their longevity and beauty.


  1. Exercise caution when using a brush, detergent, or any harsh chemicals to prevent potential damage to the pearls.
  2. Avoid storing pearls in airtight containers as they require moisture, given their origin from water.
  3. Avoid contact of pearl jewelry with other jewelry as it may cause scratches on pearls and reduce their life.
  4. Do not use perfume or deodorants after wearing pearl jewelry, as it may affect their luster.
  5. Over time, continuous use of pearls can lead to wear and a reduction in their shine.
  6. Pearls can turn blackish due to contact with sweat and dust. please wash them regularly.