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Free Shipping above Rs.5000 | 15 Day Returns | 100% Refunds
Call +91 84240 60760
Free Shipping above Rs.5000 | 15 Day Returns | 100% Refunds

We, at Lagu Bandhu, are extremely delighted and honoured to be associated with Marathi Mandal of Victoria (MMVIC) for the Akhil Australia Marathi Sammelan 2022 (AAMS 2022)
We are very happy that we are sharing our knowledge through the Sindhu Vyakhyanmala. We are sure that the journey into the Sparkling World of Gemstones has been incredible under the expert guidance of our director, Mr Parag Lagu, who is a certified gemmologist.
We are pleased to announce special offers for all MMVIC participants. The offers are as follows:

1) 100% Exchange value on diamond jewellery:
a) 100% of current rate of diamonds
b) 100% of current gold rate
c) T&C: No Labour value
Offer applicable only on diamond jewellery purchased from Lagu Bandhu

Akhil Australia Marathi Sammelan 2022 Offer by Lagu Bandhu

2) 10% Off on Loose Gemstones and Solitaire Diamonds
Flat 10% Off on loose gemstones and solitaire diamonds on the spot purchase.

Akhil Australia Marathi Sammelan 2022 Offer by Lagu Bandhu
3) Monthly Advance Scheme
a) You Pay 11 monthly advances
b) You get up to 50% Off on making charges of jewellery
a) 5% Flat Discount on Loose gemstones or solitaire diamonds
50% Off on making for studded and diamond jewellery
25% Off on making for plain gold jewellery
For the contest winners and 1st 3 subscribers of this scheme,

7% Off on loose gemstones or solitaire diamonds
75% Off on making of studded and diamond jewellery
35% Off on making for plain gold jewellery

b) Minimum monthly advance amount should be Rs.10,000/- (approx AUD $200/-)
c) Payment should be made in Indian Rupees only to our Indian account directly

d)  And the delivery will also be done within India to you or to an authorized relative.
e) All Taxes and KYC requirements are applicable as per Indian Law
f) This scheme or offer cannot be clubbed with any other offer or discount scheme.
g) Offer Not valid on Gold coins or bullion bars.
Akhil Australia Marathi Sammelan 2022 Offer by Lagu Bandhu

Make the Payment:

  1. Use the link below to make the payment of your preferred amount.
  2. Note your transaction reference number.
  3. Then fill the form below.

Pay here:

Bank Details:

Lagu Bandhu Motiwale Pvt. Ltd.
Bank – HDFC Bank Ltd
Branch – Dadar TT, Mumbai
A/c No. – 00842790000453
IFSC Code – HDFC0000084
A/c Type – Current

How the scheme will work:
Step 1:
You can register for the scheme on the following link:
(We will provide the link shortlty)Step 2:
You can make the payment for the 1st monthly advance
Payment can be made directly from an Indian account to our Indian account
OR You can use transfer facility like WISE
Note that if the monthly advance amount is Rs.10000/- then the equivalent AUD value will vary based on that day’s exchange rate.
Kindly ensure that the net amount that gets credited to our account is the same as the 1st monthly advance amount. The corresponding AUD values will change for each month based on the exchange rateStep 3:
We will enroll you for the scheme and generate an advance receipt in your name.
We will create and maintain a register in your name
You can then pay the subsequent monthly advances on the same date of each month
We shall make an entry in the register for each subsequent monthly advance payments and also generate advance receipts for each payment.
Note: Please ensure that the date of the transfer is within 3 days of the next due date of payment. In case the delay is more than 3 days, we shall extend the maturity date accordingly. For example, 1st instalment is on 5th October 2022.
Hence maturity date will be 4th November 2023But let’s say the instalment for December 2022 got delayed and was paid more than 3 days later, say on 10th December 2022. Then the new maturity date becomes 10th November 2023.Step 4:
At the time of maturity, we shall adjust the advances received from you on the final invoice. We shall extend the applicable discount on the products while invoicing.
For example, suppose the monthly advance amount is Rs.10,000/-
For 11 months, we receive Rs.110,000/- in total.
Now, you can purchase any product having a value of Rs. 110000/- or higher.
Note: This value is the net value after discount and as per the rate on the day of redemption.
Let’s say you like a product worth Rs.150,000/- of MRP
After discount on making charges, the net amount is Rs.130,000/-
Amount adjusted from the advances Rs110,000/-
Balance amount to be paid is Rs. 20,000/-
1) What will be the conversion rate?
A )As stated above the conversion rate will be as applied by the service provider.2) Who can collect the product?
A) We shall deliver the product to the person in whose name the scheme is created. We can hand over the jewellery to any relative or friend provided, we get an authorization letter from you.3) What if we cannot come physically?
A) We can provide video calling facility to select the jewellery.
We can courier the jewellery Pan India. Additional courier charges may apply.4) Can the products be delivered to Australia?
Unfortunately, no. Delivery outside India implies that it is an export. An export is a different transaction and entails additional freight charges, customs duty plus a lot of documentation. Queries for export can be handled case to case basis.
5) Which gold rate will get applied?
For each month, we will simply generate an amount receipt. There will be no gold rate implication during the scheme. The gold rate on the day of scheme redemption will be applicable6) For will happen in case we wish to forclose the scheme?
A) This scheme is specially designed to ease financing to our values customers.
In case of forclosure, a maximum of 5% value may be deducted. And payment will be refunded by cheque / online transfer only.7) Can this scheme benefit be used for encashment?
A) No, this scheme benefit is not encashable. The benefit given is only in the form of a discount at the time of redemption.
Note: Lagu Bandhu reserves the right to allow or disallow the benefit given through the scheme to any customer.