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Free Shipping above Rs.5000 | 15 Day Returns | 100% Refunds

Gold Rate Booking Vouchers

Gold Rate Booking Voucher by Lagu Bandhu

How It Works

This voucher works in the following way.

  • Suppose you purchase a Rate Booking Voucher of 5 Gms of 22 Kt, it means that you have booked today’s rate for 5 Gms of 22 Kt gold.
    This will be treated as a pre-booking for your next purchase of jewellery.
  • Suppose later you finalize an ornament of 7 Gms in 22Kt gold, then you need to pay only for the balance 2 Gms and at the prevalent rate on that day.
  • To clarify further, the rate on the day of voucher purchase will be considered for the pre-booked 5 Gms. And the rate on the day of ornament purchase will be considered for the additional 2 Gms.


  • The Benefit of the RBV will differ from time to time.
  • Additional benefits if booked during an offer period can be considered as follows:
    Active % Discounts on Making Charges will be applicable on pre-booked gold weight as applicable and governed by the terms and conditions.


  • This voucher can be used only for the purchase of ready jewellery. It cannot be used against custom orders, other vouchers, monthly schemes, gold coins or wali,etc.
  • The benefits of this voucher cannot be combined with any other discount offer.
  •  For the purchase of gold coin or Wali, the rate booking voucher will be treated as an advance amount receipt. The value will be equal to the price of the voucher purchased. Gold weight will not be considered in that case.

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